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A true marvel of the natural world! Geodes might look like drab, boring old rocks on the outside, but crack one open and see just how deceptive appearances can be. Each one contains fantastic crystalline structures inside – Mother Nature’s very own hidden treasure chests. All our geode kits contain an assortment of different types of geodes, to give young rock hounds a variety of crystal types to discover.

Geodes remain some of our all-time top-selling products, and the kits are a great resource for hands-on learning, whether for homeschoolers or school science projects or rainy day activities. We source our geodes from mines around the world, and you never know what crystals might turn up in yours: quartz, fluorite, or even amethyst. Every kit contains an educational booklet jam-packed with cool science facts about geodes and crystals. The ultimate tool for interactive science learning! Each kit comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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